Planning Your Photo Shoot


Planning Your Photo ShootKeeping your selling tools up to date and fresh as a performer, means having great photographs that represent you well and will hopefully help you land the all important job!

Dancers Inc. has a few tips on how to plan your shoot!

DO – When looking for a photographer, ask advice. Check with any friends who have had good experiences and subsequently great images. If you see another performers images you like, take the time to find out who they had their shoot with. Finally, ask your agent if they have any recommendations.

DON’T – Take a risk. If you are planning to put time, money & energy into a shoot, don’t go with a photographer who doesn’t have a portfolio you can look at or much experience to speak of.

Always make sure that you are safe and make sure a family member, colleague or friend knows where your shoot is taking place. Take someone you trust with you if possible.

DO – Plan your shoot. Take the time to collect tear sheets from magazines & brochures to show the photographer what you would ideally like to achieve. Look at images that demonstrate lighting you like, make up, hair & styling. Using these sheets can make it much easier to articulate to the photographer what you are trying to achieve.

DON’T – Keep it all in your head. Once you get to the shoot and the clock is ticking, you may start to rush and forget everything you wanted your shoot to be. It can be very disappointing to see an outcome that you didn’t visualise at all.

DO – Make sure you do hair & make up tests. If you have made up your mind to attempt some different styles, then have a go at home first. Take some pics on your own camera. The idea you thought would look great…maybe doesn’t after all.
Another idea you’ve had maybe better than you imagined, and this will give you confidence before you arrive at the shoot.

DON’T – Listen to everyone else all the time. You have to feel right about these images. Trust your instinct. If you feel good, you’ll look good. Everyone has an opinion, take advice, but don’t be forced into decisions that you’re not comfortable with.

DO – Plan your outfits and take your time. Probably best not to do this only the night before your shoot. Start collecting bits and pieces in the weeks leading up to your shoot. Regularly try the outfits on and again, take photographs on your own phone so you can see how it’s all looking. Ask trusted friends their opinion. Make sure that everything fits really well and that all outfits are steamed & pressed and looking good before you step in front of the camera.

DON’T – Just copy the same thing you’ve seen in other performers shoots. Try and do something different and original. Make your photos stand out for the right reasons.
Also, if you are planning to shoot several looks, don’t make them too similar to one another as that defeats the object.

DO – Train for your shoot! Think about being in great shape as these are your promotional images. Your want to look your best. Lots of sleep, a healthy diet and drinking lots of water will also help your complexion and can reduce any puffiness or tired eyes.

DON’T – Plan to drastically change your image immediately as you complete your shoot as you will automatically date the images. Make all your haircuts, colour changes etc prior to the shoot to improve the shelf life of your images.

Planning Your Photo Shoot


Once you receive the images back from your photoshoot, take your time to go through them slowly. Keep in mind that from the hundreds often shot, you only need one or two killer shots. Think quality not quantity. Don’t use too many shots where you’re in the same outfit/hair make-up etc.

Be prepared that one of your looks maybe just didn’t work. Don’t use something that you are not totally proud of or you think doesn’t totally show you in the best light.

Good luck!

Our recommended photographer Nik Pate @ Agency105 recently took these incredible images of Dancers Inc. Megan Westpfel.



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